Digital Footprint – Week 3

Week 3 in RTA is all about our digital footprints. During the lecture, we watched a video that followed a person throughout his entire life. The video showed us his digital footprint and made us realize how immense it really was. His digital footprint wasn’t just his accounts on social networks or his business emails, it was basically every aspect of his life. From his credit card bills, to where he is every second of the day thanks to his phone’s GPS and even his favourite places to shop. There is always a person, a group or a company that has access to some part of your life. They may even know more about you than you do. I found this to be quite… disturbing and yet, wicked.

During the lecture we also explored some unique resumes people had made for particular job positions. I’m actually looking forward to exploring their methods and even using it myself to score an awesome job. As well, the lecture taught me that anything I put online (and have already put online) can easily be found (even that awful YTV account I had when I was ten). But with that in mind, I’m not going to minimize my time online… rather, I’m going to shape the content I already have. There is always going to be something about me online whether I like it or not, so I might as well shape it to my benefit. For example, I could create my own website; make it interesting and aesthetically appealing and make sure that it will be the first thing people see when they Google my name.

Finally, a quick reflection on last week before I wrap up this post. After doing my digital diary, I realized that I’m constantly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – through my phone. Am I surprised? A little bit and not really. I was actually surprised about the amount of times a day I check on Instagram… Facebook and Twitter didn’t really shock me. Anyway, I’ve realized that the time I spend aimlessly scrolling Instagram or Facebook or Twitter can easily be transferred to doing something productive with my time like studying (mom and dad would be proud) or cleaning my room (mom would really like that) or even working on the website I mentioned a little earlier… So I’m definitely going to try breaking those useless habits.

Stay tuned for more!

Dear Digital Diary… Week 2

First off, if you’re reading this before I actually UPLOAD my digital diary then I apologize that it’s not there because I have been too lazy to scan it in my computer, however listen to me gladly talk about it in this post!

Update: It has now been uploaded! My scanner refuses to work with my MacBook so I just took a photo with my phone. It’s pretty clear though, so don’t hate me!


Let me start off by saying that I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Goodreads, YouTube… and now WordPress. So clearly I’m quite an avid ‘sharer’. As well, I follow dozens of people on each of these applications, I guess that means I’m an avid ‘tracker’, too. I like to think that having accounts to all of these social networks makes me social and not just a narcissistic stalker… A few decades ago, if people heard how much everyone knew about each other’s lives within a click of a button, they would probably be weirded out. Nowadays, it’s quite normal. In fact, if a teenage girl were to tell her friends that she DOESN’T have a Facebook account they would probably gasp and ask ‘why the hell not!?’ So I guess that goes to show how my generation so heavily relies on social media. In fact, our entire nation – continent – heavily relies not only on social media but technology. One day without technology in North America would probably be as disastrous as a level 8 earthquake.

Perhaps I’m exaggerating a little… or maybe I’m not. I did my Digital Diary assignment on Saturday and realized that my phone almost never leaves my person. I would take it with me in the shower if I could (Apple should get on that). Not only did I track everything on my phone (and later wrote it out on the chart) but the majority of my Digital Diary was phone-related. In fact, 69% of my day’s digital activity came from my cell phone. That tells me that if my phone ever got stolen, my life would probably be over.

Check out the infographics I found!

This first one shows different kinds of espresso drinks and what they consist of and even tells you how to pronounce each name. Instead of writing a handbook, people can simply take a look at this infographic and know what drink they’re ordering or how they can make it by them self!


My second infographic shows how vampires have have taken over social media which is funny when you think about it but strangely true once you see the facts.

ImageWeek two in RTA has been a success! See you next week.

Shay enters RTA – Week 1

Hey you, thanks for reading this blog (even if you have to do it, I appreciate it, nevertheless).

My name is Shahrzad Ansari and I’m an RTA student. Welcome to my blog ‘Shay in RTA’. If you have no clue what RTA is because you are not a Ryerson student, it’s Radio and Television Arts, an undergraduate program at Ryerson University. Anyway, some things you might want to know about me are the following. I’m fresh out of high school and have not yet reached the legal drinking age in Ontario. I go to a ridiculous amount of concerts, drink a little too much Starbucks and am up when others are fast asleep. My heart lies in the city, I love Toronto and have lived in the GTA for the vast majority of my life. I hope to be an entertainment lawyer one day and am really passionate about media and pop culture. And rock concerts, I’m really passionate about those, too.

Now that the casualties are out of the way, let’s dive right into this thing, shall we? Since I’m studying Radio and Television there are certain things I need to learn about media (go figure). So basically, this is a summary of my thoughts and overall experience in RTA – but more specifically my Digital Media Production I course.

So Digital Media, huh? The first time I heard the term, the first thing that popped into my head was a cartoon on TV. Think Phineas & Ferb or Recess from Disney. But after my first lecture, I soon learned that Digital Media was more than just children’s entertainment, it’s actually just about anything you could think of. By that, I mean, social networks, TV shows, radio, commercials, websites, etc. So, my life has basically been surrounded by Digital Media and perhaps even dominated by it, all this time and I didn’t even know.

So, you’re probably wondering, what makes this course so special if I’m already so exposed to Digital Media? Well, as an RTA student, I won’t just be using Digital Media to watch a British YouTube vlog or reblog a picture on Tumblr. Rather, I’ll be learning how to produce them myself. I won’t be watching The Ellen Degeneres show, I’ll be making it (wishful thinking). And I’m actually so excited to get my hands dirty learning how to create and edit Digital Media. No longer will I be that mundane teenage girl Tweeting and Instagraming her life away, I’ll be so much cooler than that.

Judging by my first impression on the term ‘Digital Media’ and how completely naive it was, you’ve probably drawn the conclusion that I don’t have much experience with producing it. You would be right. The most I’ve done creatively, has been recording artists and bands when I see them up close, performing live, and uploading the video onto YouTube. I also have a blog on Tumblr, where I have customized my own webpage but the themes were pre-made, I didn’t make them myself or anything (which would have been way cooler).

But by the end of this course, I hope to be able to make things such as professional videos and website banners, movie posters, magazine covers – all from scratch – and make them believableI want an average person on the street to look at my work and think, wow an eighteen year old did that? That’s pretty professional. I know I have a rough road ahead of me because I have scarce experience with PhotoShop and even less with the other programs discussed in class, but I am definitely prepared to give them my all.

Go hard or go home, right?

Here’s to another twelve weeks, cheers!