Dear Digital Diary… Week 2

First off, if you’re reading this before I actually UPLOAD my digital diary then I apologize that it’s not there because I have been too lazy to scan it in my computer, however listen to me gladly talk about it in this post!

Update: It has now been uploaded! My scanner refuses to work with my MacBook so I just took a photo with my phone. It’s pretty clear though, so don’t hate me!


Let me start off by saying that I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Goodreads, YouTube… and now WordPress. So clearly I’m quite an avid ‘sharer’. As well, I follow dozens of people on each of these applications, I guess that means I’m an avid ‘tracker’, too. I like to think that having accounts to all of these social networks makes me social and not just a narcissistic stalker… A few decades ago, if people heard how much everyone knew about each other’s lives within a click of a button, they would probably be weirded out. Nowadays, it’s quite normal. In fact, if a teenage girl were to tell her friends that she DOESN’T have a Facebook account they would probably gasp and ask ‘why the hell not!?’ So I guess that goes to show how my generation so heavily relies on social media. In fact, our entire nation – continent – heavily relies not only on social media but technology. One day without technology in North America would probably be as disastrous as a level 8 earthquake.

Perhaps I’m exaggerating a little… or maybe I’m not. I did my Digital Diary assignment on Saturday and realized that my phone almost never leaves my person. I would take it with me in the shower if I could (Apple should get on that). Not only did I track everything on my phone (and later wrote it out on the chart) but the majority of my Digital Diary was phone-related. In fact, 69% of my day’s digital activity came from my cell phone. That tells me that if my phone ever got stolen, my life would probably be over.

Check out the infographics I found!

This first one shows different kinds of espresso drinks and what they consist of and even tells you how to pronounce each name. Instead of writing a handbook, people can simply take a look at this infographic and know what drink they’re ordering or how they can make it by them self!


My second infographic shows how vampires have have taken over social media which is funny when you think about it but strangely true once you see the facts.

ImageWeek two in RTA has been a success! See you next week.


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