Digital Footprint – Week 3

Week 3 in RTA is all about our digital footprints. During the lecture, we watched a video that followed a person throughout his entire life. The video showed us his digital footprint and made us realize how immense it really was. His digital footprint wasn’t just his accounts on social networks or his business emails, it was basically every aspect of his life. From his credit card bills, to where he is every second of the day thanks to his phone’s GPS and even his favourite places to shop. There is always a person, a group or a company that has access to some part of your life. They may even know more about you than you do. I found this to be quite… disturbing and yet, wicked.

During the lecture we also explored some unique resumes people had made for particular job positions. I’m actually looking forward to exploring their methods and even using it myself to score an awesome job. As well, the lecture taught me that anything I put online (and have already put online) can easily be found (even that awful YTV account I had when I was ten). But with that in mind, I’m not going to minimize my time online… rather, I’m going to shape the content I already have. There is always going to be something about me online whether I like it or not, so I might as well shape it to my benefit. For example, I could create my own website; make it interesting and aesthetically appealing and make sure that it will be the first thing people see when they Google my name.

Finally, a quick reflection on last week before I wrap up this post. After doing my digital diary, I realized that I’m constantly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – through my phone. Am I surprised? A little bit and not really. I was actually surprised about the amount of times a day I check on Instagram… Facebook and Twitter didn’t really shock me. Anyway, I’ve realized that the time I spend aimlessly scrolling Instagram or Facebook or Twitter can easily be transferred to doing something productive with my time like studying (mom and dad would be proud) or cleaning my room (mom would really like that) or even working on the website I mentioned a little earlier… So I’m definitely going to try breaking those useless habits.

Stay tuned for more!


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