CRAP! – Week 6

Here’s a bunch of CRAP I found online!

C- ontrast

R- epetition

A – lignment

P – roximity


(source: tumblr)

This first photo is the CAP of CRAP. Contrast wise, there’s a sunset (or sunrise) in the background so the sky is light, whereas the earth is very dark and shadowed. For this reason, the model’s hands are positioned on the sky so that the symbol can be seen. The contrast gives emphasis to the sign L.A in the photo.
The alignment in the photo is the model’s fingers and how he used them to spell L.A. The letters are also aligned parallel to the Earth and make the photo seem tidier and simple. Sometimes simplicity is the best thing that could happen to a picture.
The proximity is, of course, the model’s hands against the world below. He looks much bigger than the city beneath him but that’s only because he is standing on a hill or a building so the camera can make him seem ‘larger than life’ and thus, making the message just as big.

CRAP brings the image to life. Without the proximity, the photo would seem way too messy if he were on the same level as the city. The contrast keeps the image simple yet nice to look at while the alignment keeps the whole thing balanced and tidy.


(source: tumblr)

This photo is completely CRAP!

Sunsets (or sunrises) are really popular in photography, huh? I can see why, though. They really give the photo an effective contrast. The way the photo becomes darker as it goes down. It gives the whole image a calm and soothing tone. The model’s light hair against the dark planks of wood is also an example of contrast. It makes her stand out in the picture so that the viewer’s focus is immediately drawn to her.

The fences and the line of wood are repetition. The repetition keeps the photo simple because you have minimal factors that make up the photo, those factors are just multiplied. Repetition keeps the photo easy to look at, otherwise it could become overwhelming if there were a lot of different objects in the image.

Alignment is the leading lines of the bridge stretching out all the way to the sunset. The model is right in the centre of those leading lines. This creates a story. It’s not just a picture with a girl in it anymore. Now it’s more than that, thanks to the alignment. It makes you wonder if the girl is on a journey. Perhaps it’s a metaphor that she has a long road ahead of her. Or that she wants to head out to the sunset and never look back.

Part of the story is told through proximity. Since the girl is at the very front while the bridge draws on, you can assume that she’s at the beginning of her journey. The girl has just decided she wants change in her life. All this is told through proximity and alignment. Since the model is so closely focused, the image looks really cool – almost 3D. Her ponytail looks like it’s popping out of the screen. The proximity adds that effect to the photo.


(source: tumblr)

The contrast in this photo is the levels between the surface of the water. Darker blues on the top and lighter in the bottom. The contrast easily allows the viewer to see the elephant’s body in the ocean which is really cool. The photo wouldn’t look half as good if you couldn’t see the elephant beneath the surface.

The alignment of the photo is also neat because it looks like the cloud is floating just above the water. And the ground is only a few feet below the surface of the ocean. The photographer was able to bring air, earth and water very close to each other. The proximity and the alignment work together to make the image look surreal. Without the alignment and proximity of these elements, the image wouldn’t carry the same appeal. It would just be an elephant taking a swim.


(source: feminspire)

The CRAP principals of this photograph go hand in hand with what the show (The Vampire Diaries) is all about. Contrast for one, is evident. The girl (Nina Dobrev) is the lead actress of the show. In the first few seasons, she was the innocent human while the men in the back (Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley) were vampires. Her face is lit up, her skin is clear and the spotlight is on her. It makes sense because she’s the main character of the show and also compared to the brothers, she’s the good, pure, human. The brothers, on the other hand, are very dark in contrast compared to her. What’s interesting is that there’s a little bit of light being shed on the man on the right, (Wesley). In the show, he is considered the ‘good’ brother. The one who has a conscience. For this reason, more light is being shed on him than on the man on the left (Somerhalder) who is completely in the dark.

The three actors are all dressed in black clothes, which is repetition as well as contrast. The black clothes make their skin stand out and the black background adds to that effect. Without the darkness surrounding them, the light being shed on the actors and the difference in intensity and contrast wouldn’t be as noticeable. The black clothes also keep the photograph consistent and tidy so the viewer isn’t overwhelmed by colours and can focus on the main focus of the picture – the faces.

The alignment and proximity of the image are connected to how the three actors are positioned. Dobrev is placed in the middle and slightly closer than the boys. This is because she is the main character of the show and also because she has features that oppose the brothers. Her skin is clear, while they have bloody faces and eyes. The two brothers play equally important parts in the show, that’s why they are standing at the same level and why they are positioned right next to Dobrev.

CRAP allows this TV poster to come to life. Even if the viewer of the image hasn’t seen the show before they can get a good idea of what it’s about. Two deadly lead actors and one innocent lead actress, caught in between the men. The light and contrast immediately let the viewer know that there’s a conflict between good and evil on the show.

CRAP brings images to life. When a photographer takes the principals of CRAP into consideration, their photos have so much more depth to them. Just like The Vampire Diaries photo, CRAP can give viewers a good idea of what a certain show, album, movie, etc. is all about. After all, pictures speak a thousand words. It’s better those words convey exactly the meaning you want to give your audience!

That’s it for this week.


Blogger’s Choice! – Week 5

It’s like the Sadie Hawkins Dance of blogs! I choose the topic! Maybe that isn’t the best of metaphors, but I’m still proud of myself.

Anyway, I was roaming Facebook tonight instead of studying for my listening test tomorrow – oops. And I happened to stumble upon a wonderful link that someone shared. I thought I’d share a few of the pictures with you! Basically, the website (which I will link at the end) had these amazing before and after photos of girls who have photoshopped themselves. And as ridiculous, superficial and sad as the concept really is, it was super fun to look at. 

Here are a few of my favourite ones:







Perhaps I find these photos so fascinating because I am just PhotoShop newbie. But they are so cool! I mean the way the girl made herself look like she’d lost twenty pounds! Or the addition of makeup and how real it looks! Maybe it’s the way she made it look like she’d gotten a boob job. It’s just such a fascinating application and after seeing these photos, I’m more eager than ever to get my hands dirty with PhotoShop. 

These photos are also a great representation of the media nowadays and how corrupted it has become. What’s real anymore? With the invention of things like PhotoShop and Instagram filters, nothing is really what it seems. This is both unsettling and incredible. What a world media has become! I’m excited to become more involved and educated in it.

Goal by the end of this course: Be able to PhotoShop a photograph half as well as the ones above.

Wish me luck!


Website link:

Colour! – Week 4

Image For those of you who aren’t familiar with the fashion world (or Tumblr). This is a photo of Cara Delevigne, a supermodel. I chose this picture to show a great example of colour because it has bursts of bright colours that really make her stand out. Her red lipstick for example really brings out the shape of her lips. The bright blue pool in the background gives the image a very cool tone, making the viewer feel relaxed and content. This picture was used for a brief biography on Cara Delevigne and to introduce her first recorded song. I think the producer did a great job with choosing the colours because it gives her a very light, poppy image and goes with the genre of her music. The colours make me think of spring or summer so I can imagine that her single will be very youthful and fun and not overly heavy. MGMT-mgmt-20941098-1417-1417 The following picture is MGMT’s album cover for Oracular Spectacular. The colours chosen in this photo are very mellow. The sunset for example has purples and blues versus yellows and oranges. This gives me, as the audience, the impression that their music will be calm but with a darker appeal instead of a more joyful one. Since the producer has chosen a light to dark image with the sunset instead of a sunrise, it gives the idea that the album is for an older audience. The cooler tones of the colours also make the viewer feel relaxed and more ‘chill’ so they will probably be anticipating that kind of music when diving into MGMT’s album. tumblr_mo717iQflH1ryo5c1o1_500   The second I saw this image on Tumblr, it made me think of summer! And now that I’m paying more attention, I realize that it’s not just because of the ice cream. The colour of the girl’s nails is hot pink. A very warm, and bright colour just like the summer time. Even the outline of the ice cream is pink so the image is really tuning into bright colours to bring out the feeling of the warm season. And the sprinkles are an extra burst of bright, rainbow colours which make the picture fun to look at. The producer of the image did a great job at making their audience feel warm and happy, and to welcome summer – or crave summer. tumblr_m94khnrnjA1rtyf5io1_500   This is another picture I found on Tumblr and while it isn’t an official ‘Vans’ advertisement, it most definitely could be. The reason I say this is because Vans is a company heavily based on skateboarding. And while I don’t want to jump into stereotypes, the advertising world certainly does. That’s why the emphasis of blue on the hat is so great. Generally, the colour blue is associated with boys (again another stereotype but it’s true) and boys tend to be more into skateboarding. So this picture will catch their eye and chances are some of them will be skateboarders. The repetition of blue in the plaid shirt also adds on the the effect. By using greys and beiges for the background, the producer was really able to draw emphasis to their model. The colour of the model’s clothes and hat stand out against the plain background. Since the blue is more electric and bright, it makes the viewer feel excited, maybe even eager to go out, grab their deck and skateboard.

So this week, I started to put more meaning into colour than I used to. Before, when I looked at a picture on Tumblr, I would just skim over it and reblog it if I thought it looked nice. Now, I see a whole new side to the photograph. Why the producer chose the colours they did, either to express their feelings towards a season or a brand or a person. Which colours can make viewers feel relaxed or excited or warm. While, I realized that colour was a big part of photography I never sat down to analyze it and now that I have, I can see why colour is so important to a photographer. It can change the meaning and mood of a picture completely.

Looking at ads on the subway and pictures on Tumblr is going to be such a new experience for me from now on.

Till next week!