After Effects Artist Statement – Week 13

So I finally completed my After Effects assignment (the one I briefly spoke about on the last few posts). It took me forever… I spent a good five hours on it so that means I spent an hour per second on the clip. Originally I had wanted to film the ring and then slow it down but I didn’t have the proper equipment to do so. Thus I took a few photos of my mother’s wedding band.



Then, I photoshopped it (and saved it as a .png…I’ve learned well!)Image

Then I took it to After Effects and tried to make it look 3D. The thing is, taking something 2D and making it look 3D is so difficult. Especially something as fine as a ring. And then, making it fall slowly and realistically is even harder. I spent hours moving keyframes, playing with the graphs on After Effects, moving the orientation, spinning it until it turned out the way I wanted it to. I did two different versions of it. One slow, one fast and both had different music. But after showing them to a few people, I was told that the faster one was better. For the music, I took two different tracks and compiled them on pro tools to get the ‘boom boom boom’ and then the soft tinkering music in the background. As for the font, I downloaded a similar font to the ones used in the real movies.



It’s called ‘Ringbearer’ on dafont. And then I had the words fade in at the very end and this is the result.




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