Week 3 – Routing, Automation & Editing

Have a listen to the first song I’ve ever mixed. Granted it was all recorded already but I put everything together and added all the extra plug-ins.

Week 3 was all about importing separate audio tracks from a song and sorting them in groups and buses and creating submixes. It was actually a lot more interesting than you’d think. A song that you hear consists of so much more than just one stereo track. You have a track for vocals, back up vocals, guitar, bass, snare drum, cymbals etc. The list goes on and on. And if you don’t sort it all into fancy groups, you’re stuck scrolling through an endless page of Pro Tools trying to move things around hastily.

Buses and groups just make life SO much easier. Imagine having to add EQ to each of the drum tracks separately (cymbals, snare, bass, etc.) Pain in the ASS. I know. So we learned how to make our lives easier, pretty much.

Halloween was already a great song, but some parts of it were annoying me (the back up vocals that repeated words) and I added reverb to it to make it more distant. Otherwise, it’s a song that I would actually listen to on my spare time.


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