Week 4 – Processing in Pro Tools

Week 4 we had to make a radio drama. It was exciting being back in the recording studio and actually recording something! We had freedom with our scripts and were able to come up with a quirky idea. It doesn’t make much sense (printed sandwiches for a birthday party?) but I think it adds to the strangeness of the drama overall.

I mean we’ve all been there, right? The annoying call you have to make to the tech guy when you have no idea how to work something. Meanwhile, you know the tech guy totally hates his life and couldn’t care less about your problems.

Using Pro Tools totally helped us bring this concept to life. We used reverb on the voices to create a sense of time and space. By using sound effects we were able to transport our listeners to exactly where we wanted them to be. (In an office, or at a busy house during a child’s birthday party, or even in a daydream). By being able to pan voices, we were able to emphasize the telephone call and exactly where each setting was taking place (on the left or on the right or maybe even right in the middle). We had a lot of fun putting this radio drama together and I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. I recommend you listen to it with headphones or surround sound speakers.


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