Week 7 – Beats, Loops & MIDI

So for week 7 we learned how to use MIDI. It would be a totally cool concept, only I’m not very musically inclined. So it wasn’t that helpful for me. Still, it’s cool how you can play some notes on an instrument and change the track to any instrument you want.

For the pass/fail assignment, we got to choose a Beastie Boys song and I did Electrify. Honestly, I only used 3 notes of MIDI because I HAD to, but otherwise I wouldn’t have because my musical skills are not even close to being on par. Still, I had a great time doing the song. Listening back now, I wish I’d done more to the song. If I had Pro Tools on my laptop I totally would have but since I don’t, and I live an hour away from Ryerson, I didn’t get as much time on the song as I would have liked to. Still, it was a great learning experience and I’m excited to experiment with new and different tunes

p.s. listen to the song on headphones or surround sound because I panned it


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